Your Natural Baby Fair 2012 – Ina May Gaskin

The Natural Baby Fair was today and what an amazing experience!  There were over 1,000 people who attended.  One of the most amazing was Ina May Gaskin!  I’m exhausted and on cloud 9 all at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Your Natural Baby Fair 2012 – Ina May Gaskin

  1. Rachel, You did a fantastic Job!!! How could someone not be drawn to your booth. and How cool to have a pic with Ina May. Hypnobabies is so lucky to have you!!!!!!! Great Job!!

  2. Wow!!! Obviously a TON of work. Women in San Diego are lucky to have such passion and enthusiasm in their birth community!

  3. OMG! it was a shock for me to see Ina May reply to you! i sure wasn’t expecting that lol THATS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! we love you Ina May i have also read all your books and i have some of your DVD’s they are awomse. i don’t know what i would do if i were in line with you, i’m sure i would introduce myself and say Hi there i’m Eunice i am a new Midwife here in Florida .. uhhh that’s all i got in mind i mean where else do you go with that? i feel like i know you like you are my sister/mother/granny .in a way you are very dear to me and thu your books i have grown .grown to become better within and out and oh dear would i loooove to learn hands on right next to you ..but i think i would just freeze after i say my name lol i am also hispanic and my first language is Spanish so i might for those few minutes forget all the english i know .i think